Riot Grrrl and Beyond: The Power of Feminist Youth-Based Creativity

Bikini Kill’s reunion and return to live environments reminds us that, whether a teenager or somebody who’s already come of age, there’s an enduring charm to DIY communities.

Rudi Gernreich: Fearless Fashion Renegade and Los Angeles Icon

Gernreich’s designs -- clothes that come from a place of meaning, with a radically hopeful view of the future -- are the perfect antidote to the increasingly nihilistic contemporary runways.

Stoya on Porn, Paywalls, and Her New Magazine

"More sex workers now are visible in public where they’re being taken seriously as humans. It just happened inch by inch."

Queerness, Femininity, and Blue Eyeshadow

Deep down, I have always been drawn to looking femme but was afraid that I was not good enough for it — but actually, there is no right or wrong way to look femme, and looking femme, in fact, has nothing to do with being a woman.

Quant and the Return to Quality

“The whole point of fashion is to make fashionable clothes available to everyone,” said British designer Mary Quant, who is credited with the invention of stylish, youthful clothing that cleverly took advantage of post-war manufacturing technology -- but at what cost?

Bodily Detail: Corporeal Fashion from Elsa Schiaparelli to Tom Ford

Garments that mimic the body are happy to inhabit multiple meanings, playing with concealment and exposure, human and animal, mimicry and deviation, humour and horror, thriving life and fallible mortality. They plunder the worlds of art and medicine and horror and history with glee.

Modeling, Empowerment, and New Femininity with Adesuwa Aighewi

I would say the new generation of women are fearless... All those rules have gone out of the conversation now. Women are in charge, women have taken charge of their own lives.

Jemima Stehli on Art, Objectification, and the Body

Who's in the frame, where the work's coming from, who's the work for, who's the audience? Also, how intimate is it?

An Ode to Sky-High Heels

Could the proclivity to ignore pain to look good be a cultural phenomenon? Pain as a road to beauty is a dangerous notion when inflicted upon you, but when freely chosen, it can take on a magical quality.

A Brief Chronicle of Camp in Fashion

Ugly sneakers, everything in quotations, Chateau Marmont laundry bags, co-opted worker aesthetics, the Vetements-Balenciaga complex: camp is ubiquitous in fashion, and is the theme of an upcoming Costume Institute exhibition.

‘Selling out:’ costuming punk frontwomen in film

Why do some costume depictions of "punk" look campy while others embody badassery? The best movie costuming for front-women belongs directly to the past: to a punkier, more D.I.Y. aesthetic.

What the closing of Rookie Mag means for the future of women’s media

After seven years of sharing essays, art, advice, and writing for teenagers, the online magazine Rookie Mag was closed last December.

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