An Ode to Sky-High Heels

Could the proclivity to ignore pain to look good be a cultural phenomenon? Pain as a road to beauty is a dangerous notion when inflicted upon you, but when freely chosen, it can take on a magical quality.

A Brief Chronicle of Camp in Fashion

Ugly sneakers, everything in quotations, Chateau Marmont laundry bags, co-opted worker aesthetics, the Vetements-Balenciaga complex: camp is ubiquitous in fashion, and is the theme of an upcoming Costume Institute exhibition.

‘Selling out:’ costuming punk frontwomen in film

Why do some costume depictions of "punk" look campy while others embody badassery? The best movie costuming for front-women belongs directly to the past: to a punkier, more D.I.Y. aesthetic.

What the closing of Rookie Mag means for the future of women’s media

After seven years of sharing essays, art, advice, and writing for teenagers, the online magazine Rookie Mag was closed last December.

‘A Woman’s Right to Shoes’

From bachelorette parties to wedding gifts, I'm thinking about how much 2019 will cost me financially to celebrate all of my friend’s life choices...

Picking my skin in pursuit of perfection

Time becomes murky and slow when I’m subconsciously pulling at the skin on my arms or face. I’ll lean over the bathroom sink until my lower back aches and the whole toilet is filled with bloodied tissue paper. –– I live with the skin picking disorder, Dermatillomania.

The history and psychology of turtlenecks

Whether it was said out loud or not, turtlenecks played a crucial role in history. They went from being practical to a uniform for intellectuals to a riposte to the trends that existed before it.

These non-binary artists are reclaiming the gender narrative

These non-binary creatives are effectively and beautifully blurring the lines of gender through art, music, makeup and more.

Former McQueen & Balenciaga designer on creating a new kind of punk fashion

A collection of thoughts from Christine Nielsen, former Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga designer.

PSA: Being mainstream is cool

As trends have vectorized with meme culture they have come to represent all that is ironic, self-referential and relevant. Selling out no longer means abandoning relevancy and cult-status for a monied but mainstream cultural desert. Mass doesn’t mean uncool anymore. So, what does it really mean?

Lana Del Rey is so sad, but it’s actually political

Lana's new music is less about internal trauma and more about the toxic nature of the world surrounding her, the sadness is now outward facing, drowning out those who would ask for a brave face considering the current state of America.

Exploring the existential problem of being an influencer

Influencers seem like they're having the time of their lives as they sip on expensive cocktails by the beach, sleep in 5-star hotels, and sunbathe in designer bikinis on yachts, but are they really enjoying those moments outside of Instagram?

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