About Perfect Mag

Perfect Mag is an online magazine, aimed at all women, providing a space to discuss gender, politics, the shifting nature of femininity, contemporary culture and lifestyle. The topics range from politics to self-care, fashion to technology, relationships to business.

New Times New Choices New Faces New Sexy New Femininity
Perfect Number is exploring what it means to be feminine today
About Perfect Number

The magazine is the sister-project of the clothing brand Perfect Number, a Los Angeles-based retail start-up. Our focus is to create a community of like-minded people and serve them according to their lifestyle.

We are a brand dedicated to exploring new femininity. We don’t try to define it, we investigate its meaning through our collection and community. We play with fabrics, colors, and styles, mixing things up to show the many sides of being feminine. We believe the "sexy of today" doesn’t need to be outwardly provocative. It can be gentle, ironic, or comfortable; it can be an experiment of lines, proportions, and volumes; it can even be as quiet as it is loud. We believe new femininity is yours to own, in every version of it.

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